1. An innings consists of 25 'good balls' to the batting team.


The batter shall be bowled one good ball and then run round the track passing outside of the posts in the order first, second, third, fourth and is permitted to halt at one or more posts if they choose. On reaching and touching fourth post they rejoin the batters.


NO BALL (called by the umpire)

  1. Above the head (high)
  2. Below the knee (Low)
  3. Beyond the outstretched arm (wide)
  4. Bowled to the wrong side of the batter



  1. Bowler can only throw underarm.
  2. Only one ball to be bowled unless no ball is called
  3. Bowler must not step out of the box until the ball is released



  1. The batter only has one hit unless a no ball is called by the umpire
  2. If a "no ball" is called a batter can take the ball if they choose, (once they are half way to first post this is classed as taken ) and score in the normal way.This ball is not deducted from the remaining number of good balls.
  3. The batter must not step out of the front or back of the batting square.
  4. If the batter hits the ball behind the "backward line" they can only go to first post. Once the ball is thrown forward of the "backward line" the batter can then run on.
  5. Two players can not be at the same post.
  6. A batter must keep contact with the post at all times, and will be called out if contact is lost.
  7. A batter must not drop the bat. This should be carried round with them. 
  8. A batter cannot be caught out on a no ball, or stumped out on first post on a no ball.
  9. Once a batter leaves a post, or is deemed to have left by crossing over the run on line, they may not return to the post and must run on to the next post and can be stumped out in the normal way.



  1. If caught out
  2. Stumped at a post
  3. Runs inside a post
  4. If they overtake another batter
  5. Obstruct a fielder
  6. Drop or throw the bat deliberately



  1. A rounder will be awarded if a player hits the ball and runs all the way round without stopping and touches 4th post.
  2.  ½ a rounder will be given if a player does not hit the ball but runs all the way round without stopping, and touches 4th post.
  3. ½ a rounder is given if a player hits the ball and gets to second post without stopping.