We were delighted to welcome two new teams this year - Sutton Coldfield Hockey Club and the Dolly Mixtures, who were made up from various people who attended the pre-season practice. 


Reigning champions Holly Lane had a scary start to the season, trailing by a rounder to EGB after the first innings, but managed to pull it back and win by three rounders. Holly Lane then went on from strength to strength and this year took the triple - the league title (for the 6th consecutive time!), tournament winners and top male scorer. Congratulations!


EGB played solidly throughout the season with a winning combination of demon bowler Jamie and dad, Leigh on 2nd post, and deservedly were runners up after a good number of years finishing at the bottom of the table. Well done guys! Habitual runners up Spice, were relegated to third place this year after losing to EGB for the first time in the league and losing to Holly Lane by just one rounder.


Sutton Coldfield Hockey Club (SCHC) put in some great performances and if they return next year, which we hope they will, they will undoubtedly be the team to watch. In their last game of the season, Becky took the honour of highest female scorer, narrowly beating Lisa (Spice) to the title. Well done Becky - a terrific achievement! The Dolly Mixtures had an unnerving first game as they had not played together before and Spice managed to score a whopping 34.5 rounders against them. But not deterred, they went on to enjoy all of their matches, whatever the score against them and their enthusiasm, despite the odds, was brilliant!



1.     Holly Lane

2.    EGB 

3.     Spice 

4.    SCHC 

5.    Dolly Mixtures 

Highest Male Scorer                   Highest Female Scorer

John, HL                   18                              Becky, SCHC               10.5

Leigh, EGB               16.5                         Lisa, SPICE                   9.5

Phil, HL                     15.5                        Serena, SPICE                8.5 




18 HL v EGB 15
34.5 Spice v Mixtures 7.5
26 HL v Hockey 11
22 Hockey v Mixtures 4.5
8 Spice  v EGB 18
30.5 HL v Mixtures 4
21.5 Spice v Hockey 12.5
16.5 EGB v Mixtures 1.5
18.5 Spice v HL 19.5
15.5 EGB v Hockey 14.5